Monday, April 14, 2008

I am so chuffed

Well now that it's official I can put you out of your misery - you didn't have that long to wait did you......I have been asked to join a new Design Team at Funky Hand. I still can't believe walking on Cloud Nine. I love their CD's, the quality of the graphics is second to none, the detail on the papers when they are printed is excellent and I adore the soft muted tones of the whole range. You can tell that I am a big fan and am so honoured that I will be working alongside Anice who is a very talented and funky lady.
Now I know how it feels if you have been awarded an Oscar!!!!! Congrats to all the others and I bet they are just as excited as I am.
Back to reality....I'm afraid, lots to do today so it's back to work.


Anice said...

Congratulations! Welcome to my gang!
Anice xx

Enfys said...

Hi Kath, We're in the same gang. Isn't it great? Looking forward to getting to know you. I have added your blog to my favourites list, hope that's okay. x

Fabrizio said...

Well done Kath, it's so much fun to get freebies and make new creations out of them. I have to go back to their website and check their range out! Your dog is SWEET like me ! LOL

traciejane said...

Congratulations - I just purchase some gorgeous papers at Funky Hand and adore there ATC papers - well done looking forward to seeing your lovely creations :-)x

Heather said...

Congratulations on making the design team!

Vicky said...

wow! excellent news! you deserve it as your cards are really lovely!
i have added a little more on my blog today - thanks to you who helped me at the beginning!! xx


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