Friday, November 21, 2008's snowing

The North Wind doth blow and we shall have SNOW
and boy do we have snow....woke up this morning....looked out and saw this
and for once the weather forecasters got it right.
Got one or two errands to do this morning and that means using the car.....well of course as per usual the Roads Department have been found wanting.......this was forecast at the beginning of the week....have the roads been per usual NO......but what do you bet they will be out in force gritting tomorrow and's the weekend folks and that means OVERTIME.  Our street is always a nightmare...a slippy sliding journey until you reach the main roads.....well coat, hat and boots on and off I go.
Catch up with you all later......Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


Terrie B x said...

Ooooh Kath...Do wrap up warm..and be careful on those Roads....
`Wow` look at all that snow tho!!!I cant stand it!!!but wouldnt mind it for a Day the DG get to have a play in it!!!!lol...
Have a lovely Day Kath:)~X~

All Pink girl said...

Oh wow it looks fab xxx
do take care Kath and stay nice and warm xxxx
hope we get some down here ,hugs Dawnxx

Jane said...

Hi Kath, that snow looks beautiful! I miss cold winters and snow, it's a bit strange here having hot weather at Christmas time, we will be putting our Christmas tree up soon in the summer! Be careful out on the roads, Jane x

Suzanne said...

Take Care on those roads Kath!

You've got to admit, it does look beautiful though!

I've seen something ideal for you from Somerfield/Tchibo!

Any good for walking Buddy?

Hugs Suze x

Kim Piggott said...

This looks so pretty!
kim x

Ann said...

Looks lovely Kath! We don't have any snow atm, but it is cold enough for it!! Take care & keep warm.
Ann xx

annie2006 said...

oh that looks so pretty. we have a smidging here - but be careful wont u driving about it that.

Dawn said...

Me again - have a wee award for you!

Macpurp said...

thing about living on the coast is little snow, but cold,cold, cold wind!!
Andrew says wind chill factor was -15 today....
keep warm my dear xxx

Chris said...

OMG now that's what I call snow...brrrrr makes me feel cold just looking at it!! Hope it's a wee while before it comes to my place... I love snow when it looks pretty but I hate the slushiness and driving in it...urgggh
Wrap up warm love and you be careful when you're in the car!!
Chris xx

carol said...

The pictures are lovely Kath, but you make sure you keep warm and safe :)

Carol x

mueppi said...

The fotos are great!
Have a nice weekend!
Hugs Gisela

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Lovely wintery weather. Great to look at it but not so great if you have to venture out in it to drive! I hate driving in snow. We have some forecast for today too, had some sleet yesterday. Hope you are well. Hugs, Lainy xxx

Lorraine said...

Hey I made a bet with Rob on Thursday night that you would wake up to white snow covered surroundings... nightmare when you have to go out & about but it is so lovely to look at.


Hugs & kisses
Lorraine xxx

Tip Top said...

Wwwwwhhhhhhaaatttt???!!! Nowt down here - just freezing cold!!!

It does look very lovely though!!


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