Wednesday, November 5, 2008

De-stressed and Ready to Play

Another manic morning of production....20 odd Baubles cards to make.... each card has 9 little berries

each berry has to be punched out, the edge inked...a little white highlight added and then onto a 3D foam pad..the most fiddly job in the world....these are the things you forget when making up samples....the last seven in the batch set out to dry ready to be personalised and let me tell you I am losing the will to live and gone are the nice  french manicured nails for the SECC...yuck check these hands out.....
I am now in major need of rain jacket on and doggie walking boots and it's off to the forest for an hour of peace and quiet...OK it's drizzling....and the hair will end up all frizzy.....but hey will go great with the grotty nails...
Ready for home....tired, wet but almost de-stressed.....isn't he such a poser...his kennel name is "His Lordship Laurence"...well named me thinks...but one more thing ...pick up a Sub of the Day on the way home....yummy.
Fed, watered and exercised and now ready to play...probably won't get great pics later in the day so you are going to have to wait until tomorrow for the next instalment......See you later....Love Kath xxxx


Suzanne said...

Oooh, Mucky fingers!
Have fun playing............the Budster looks very regal sitting in the back of the car lol!

Hugs Suze x

p.s Getting excited about your big day yet? Did you have a wish list............and no I don't mean Tim lol!

Tip Top said...

Hehehhe!! I always have glue on the ends of my fingers!!!

Jose said...

Oh Kath, you did a grand job, they look gorgeous, and all those bows to tie, that's when I wish i didn't have such big hands.
Jose xx

Emma said...

Oh Kath it looks heaven! Belle and I have just got back from a ramble round the was a tadge chilly to say the least! LOL!
Love the cards you have made...but don't envy you either...I would be going nuts after the second one! LOL!
Take care, Em.x

Heather "Hev" said...

Let me tell you a secret - I coloured my Mums hair yesterday and forgot to wear gloves - no big deal as this stuff does wash off (I must have concentrated on one hand and not the other as it turned a dark shade - I have blackish palms now ;) ) hee hee - fading slowly. Your cards are fabulous and remember you have to suffer for your art (I think)

Your doggie is gorgeous - my Amber is the same kind :) and I love subway and fancy one now !!!! deary deary me!!!

Dawny P said...

Ohh how posh does Buddy look!!!! He is gorgeous Kath. Hope your walk did you good. Fresh air cures all sorts I reckon :) And how patient are you re all those berries!!! GORGEOUS cards. And I have to say that I prefer mucky fingers to the manicured type cos you look like a real crafter with a few smudges of ink. And if there is glitter down your jumper or in your hair, then you look like a really REAL crafter lol xxx.

Lorraine said...

Oh so much hard work my darling but hey just look at the finished results & it makes all that hard work worth it. They are stunning...

Love ya
Lorraine xxxx

Pascalebrad said...

Your cards are beautiful, Your lunch looks yummy and I wish I could take my kids out for some exercise in that delightful forest! Pascale :)

Hanneke said...

Great cards, Kath! Love these pictures!
Oh and... i LOVE subway.... i just discovered one not that far away from me... :o)

Kathryn said...

What a wonderful dog -- so regal looking!

Your cards are beautiful!! :)

Cass said...

You're doing a fabby job there with all those cards Kath,they look fantastic.Buddy looks so posh sitting there in the back of the car,but so gorgeous.

Cass xxx

metalicbutterfly said...

Hi Kath

Iv'e left you a little something on my blog!

Emma xxx

Peet said...

ohh, such a sweet dog....I love dogs
Gorgeous cards as always, Kath!!!

bubblegum said...

Fabby job Kath - you will soon be finished. The cards look fabulous - shame about the nails, lol.
Aww and how proud is his Lordship sitting there saying - yes you may take a photograph of me - I know I am handsome, lol.


Dawn said...

Giddy Aunts! again - How do you have the patience for those teeny tiny circles - my toes are curling just thinking about inking them!!
Buddy Boy is such a handsome dog he looks almost regal indeed surveying his woody kingdom!


Jozza said...

Cards are looking fab. Don't know how you cope making so many of the same design - I would go potty!


PS. I'm sure Buddy wants to come and visit his Auntie Jozza for a holiday! He is so gorge!

Sonia said...

Arh Buddy is a handsome guy, he sits so proud :) Certainly has the right kennel club name. Mine is called Beach boy :lol:
Hugs Sonia x


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