Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Sneaky Peek Wednesday

Hi Folks
It's sneaky peek Wednesday and this could be as exciting as it gets for the next few slowly getting through the orders....but boy oh boy am I cheesed off with all the Christmas stuff...decided to break loose from the shackles....get out some more interesting stash and do my DT stuff for this week.

A little peek at my tag for "TAG YOU'RE IT" this week.
Then onto the old 'puter for a bit of bloghopping and catching up with all my bloggy chums.....BUT
MR BLOGGER definitely had other ideas.....WAS he on a go slow last night....what is it with this guy....everytime I find a bit of time to play catch up.....he just has to throw a spanner in the works.
But then.....just when I thought all was lost ......I came across something which seriously tickled my sense of humour and I think hubby thought I had finally lost the plot.....a comment on a post about some people don't do ironing....(oops she must have seen my ironing it's not that I don't do's that I only do it when I am running out of clothes to wear) and how some folk are so obsessed with ironing....that they even iron their knickers.....WHAT... ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH.....HOW CAN ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND.....IRON KNICKERS......there is something seriously missing in your life when you have time to iron your undies....I barely have time to iron the stuff that is on show to the outside world and call me a slob if you like...but I don't really give two hoots if my knickers are creased or not and besides the size of my M&S Big Knickers....well let's not take this conversation any further.
Well you've guessed to walk the Budster who by the way is still in big trouble after his little escapade yesterday morning...took off after another dog and left me wandering around for half an hour whistling, calling before he finally returned with that innocent look on his face....."SORRY MUM"......I'll sorry Mum" that's an expression that rings a bell from my childhood days.......and then back home for a nice warming cuppa and back to the "YOU KNOW WHATS".   Still can't shake this cold and my voice is getting huskier and more sexy by the day.    Chances are tomorrow will be "SNEAKY PEEK" Thursday....I really don't know how you manage to contain your excitement and please don't all rush at once...we don't want Mr Blogger to crash do we!!!!
Love Kath xxxxx


Marcea said...

OMG you have made me laugh this morning hun, I am so glad there is another person like me in the world. I actually now keep my ironing basket in the corner of my craft room and it only gets touched when the pile is so large that it gets in the way of my crafting or, like you, I have no clothes to wear. I think we have our priorities set just perfect!!!! Have a fab week hun - I am about to make a start on an order for 20 xmas cards .... all the same - omg now THAT is torture!

joey said...

morning Kath, hehe your thoughts on ironing I echo! my pile stays there until there is nothing left to wear! I used to find it theraputic before the kids came along and the pile more than doubled! I am slowly reaching the no clothes stage again, wonder if hubby will do it?! lol. have a good day.x

scotspanda said...

ironing knickers???? OMG I don't think so!!!!! Whats the point my big bum smoothes out all the creases lmao My ironing pile taunts me whenever I pass it, but I am good at ignoring it lol

Hope the cold gets better soon hun, I am struggling with one too, most annoying eh?


Amanda xxx

Chris said...

OMG... I despair of blogger... I just wrote a long comment and I don't know if you got it or not... if you did..delete this... if not.. in the words of Arnie "I'll be back"

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, how I enjoy reading your posts. You had me in stitches again ... totally agree with you ... life is too short for ironing undies. Good luck with that cold ... as you say there is a fringe benefit with that sexy voice and all. Hugs from Desire

Dawn said...

Kaaaath!! You are soo funny! Nowt wrong wi' big knicknacks!! A friend of mine takes her ironing very seriously and loves it - she DOES iron everything too and takes pride in her ironing skills!!
And The Budster's freedom bid!!! - Well I bet you were a bit worried when he didn't come straight back- So funny I'll give you...... or even You'll be laughing on the other side of your face if.......
Ahh childhood days!!
Hope you shake that cold soon..

Fabby tag - had a wee peek yesterday - will have to get mine done tonight.

carol said...

Oh Kath, you are funny! But that lady sounds like my sister, she irons EVERYTHING even her dusters!!!! she's had far too much time on her hands over the years, and when you visit, she's fluffing the cushions and getting the hoover out even before you're out of the driveway...good job she don't visit me very often, the dust would give her heart failure!!!!
Your are a tease with the sneaky peek, looks fab though :)

Carol x

Jackie said...

Kath you are like a breath of fresh air, and we defo share the same sense of humour and.... lack of ironing skills or wills !!!! ... and I have to agree with Scotspanda.... my big bum irons out the wrinkles too... shame its only in the undies dept, and not my bum !!! love following your blog...
ps.. many thanks for comment on my blog. always appreciated. J x

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh Kath my love you really do need to stop teasing us as the heart beat just goes up & up with your little pics & the brain starts rattling about ideas of what you may have come up with...

I read somewhere recently that someones doctor told them to suck Opal Fruits for a sore throat & strangely enough it seemed to work.. anything is worth a try...

Hope you're feeling better soon & don't be too cross with Buddy he's too adorable for that.

Big hugs & kisses
Lorraine xxx


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