Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loving Owner Wanted for Sugar Nellie Stamp

How sad is gorgeous Sugar Nellie "Soft Creations" stamps that I bought at the SECC are still sitting in their little bag...dumped on the dresser in the kitchen when I unpacked last Sunday evening...uncut....unmounted and probably thinking they are UNLOVED.
Well here is your chance to give one a good and loving home.....
The old CRAFTER'S BLOCK has kicked in big time with me ....I am working all day every day with Christmas stuff and my brain has turned to toffee. And you's not just me.....I think Mr Blogger has infected a lot of us with "Crafty Mojolessness" have we upset him...was it something I said.......on lots of blogs I visit it's the same story... so what's the cure...leave me a comment with your ideas how to get rid of this dreaded disease or just send me some bloggy love and I will pick a name at random next Sunday and send you one of the stamps....I promise to trim and mount it.... and a load of images from the other four.
Draw will close at midnight on Saturday...8th November

Aren't they just adorable but I know that if I mount them.....then the temptation to play will be too great so they will be stashed away with all my other lovely goodies bought recently.......Cosmo Cricket TSV...Bind-It All and gorgeous MME papers from Craftwork Cards.....roll on the New Year when I can get them all out and do what I love....PLAY and GET CREATIVE and have some real ME TIME.
On a happy note....we had a lovely afternoon yesterday at Brodie's 4th Birthday Bash...will be back later with pics..but in the meantime it's back to the've guessed it.....Christmas Cards...
Catch up with you all later......Love Kath xxxxxxx


Jackie said...

Oh Kath, how can you resist them just look at their little faces.

Hope you get your mojo back soon as we do so love seeing your work it's so inspiring.


Lindsay Spencer said...

I think we're all taking too much time looking at everyone else' things, and not spending time letting our own creativity come out. I think it takes some time away from the computer, and more time letting our own natural ability take over. I hope your creative energy comes back to life soon. I think you've had great things on here.

Kimberley said...

Think yourself lucky girl some of us don't even have a smidgen of the creative talent you have temporarily lost - so pick yourself up, dust the Christmas glitter off and get to it!

Bet you didn't think I was a bossy so and so!

metalicbutterfly said...

Hi Kath back again,
Have decided you shouldnt deny yourself your new stash so you should spend the rest of today playing with it and then make a "welcome back Mojo" card!,

Emma xxx

Trace Dee said...

Hi Kath
I love your work and hopefully after making all of the christmas cards you will be able to play with all your new stash.

lots of blogland hugs


Jose said...

Oh Kath what lovely stamps, but I know what you mean, I think it's to do with all the Christmas cards that need to get done, hope in the New Year all will be back to normal.

Jose xx

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Kath, sad as it seems now, I often find that once the inspiration does return, it's better than ever! One of the ways I find inspiration is to go through my list of challenge blogs and see if one of those strikes a litle spark. But I'm thinking your problem is having so many commitments for orders your creative juices are in hiding! Set aside some time (early morning maybe) that is just for play time. Pump yourself up, get excited about it, then just go sit at the work table and breathe! You'll do fine! Blessings, Becky G.

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Kath, you're such a well known and well loved crafter out here in Blogland. Just look at the amount of followers you have girl!! You are a constant source of inspiration for others, definitely for me! It must just be Christmas fever setting in! Don't give it a second thought! I'll be back later. Sending you crafty hugs, Lainy xxx

Sandra said...

Morning Kath,well how generous are you,how could you part with one of these,i sooooo love all the new SN soft centers,but for some unknown reason i'm drawn to Custard the gorgeous cow...
Your mojo seems fine to me,mine's returning slowly...very slowly,after coming back off holiday i just couldn't bring myself to craft or blog,i think i need to go back to Turkey to fetch it back.
Take care and have a lovely day
Sandra x

carol said...

I don't think you've lost it! The mojo that is :)
The halloween tag is fab, and you're so right about the firework thing!! The two 2s4y cards are brilliant as well.....but if you say you have then you're the boss :)
These stamps are adorable Kath, but won't you be sorry later if you give them away? I particularly love the cat and the lion, so sweet!
Glad you had a good time at Brodie's party, looking forward to the pics :)

Big Mojo Hugs
Carol x

metalicbutterfly said...

Hi Kath,

When Im having a crafty block I enjoy looking at past creations and I have a good root through my stash there's always a bit of ribbon or embelishment hidden for that bit of inspiration.
and I know you have lots of stash lol!!!

Sending you big hugs!

Emma xxxxx

Babz said...

Sending hugs to you Kath in you loss of mojo, hoping it will come back soon. Instead of denying yourself the play that you so want why not set yourself a challenge instead. Tell yourmojo that if it can come up with at least a couple ofcards that you are happy with then you will let it loose for an hour with your new stash. Babz :0)

Marja Sch said...

Hello Kath

I have been on holiday for a week to a place where I had no internet. I took with me some things I wanted to do. I had all the time in the world to let the inspiration flow. Nature did it. Just have look on my blog. Big hugs Marja

TwinTrouble said...

Hi Kath(((((HUGS))))), I'm going through the same at the moment... completely mojoless... I should be making Christmas cards to sell but I just can't get motivated! I'm going to try and de-clutter my house and craft supplies to see if that helps as you know the saying... free yourself from clutter and clear the mind!
I think it could also be that we spend way too much time on the pc looking at everyone else's work and not enough time actually playing and creating ourselves! I'm trying to cut the hours spent on pc down to about 2hrs a day, which is why I love the follow feature as I can see who has blogged from my follow updates!
I absolutely love your blog... always full of inspiration :)

Macpurp said...

its horrid when your mojo goes away! I only just found mine again after a wee MIA incident!
have mojo today but also have in-laws coming so wont get to play at all!

love tina xxx

Marja Sch said...

Hello Kath

When I am working to much I also have this creation dip. Last week I had a vacation in a place where there was no internet. I took some things I wanted to do with me and that was great. Just together with some nature. Have a look at my blog. Bigs Hugs Marja

CraftyC said...

Poor Kath, not a nice condition to suffer and think I have a touch of it myself. I have to say I heavily rely on the challenges when my mojo has walked, but idea's can pop up at the silliest of times, when least expected!

NGCARDS said...

awww honey im sorry your lacking in your mojoness! I already have the cow stamp of these , they are beautiful you need to get the creative juices flowing again missy! lol I usually just look around other blogs for inspiration or head over to a challenge blog, that usually restarts mine up again! lol Or if that fails try making something different than usual ... e.g. a calender! Happy crafting! xxx

Heather "Hev" said...

As awful as it sounds - I need my internet to go down for an hour or two ;) I tend to worry about missing something important - and when I wasnt on for 2 days my reader had 500 messages and I feel I have to comment.... so more time goes..... I am learning not to feel guilty for not leaving 20 posts everytime I come online.

I reckon we should be locked in a padded room (padded with bubble wrap) and our craft stuff and go from there - if we cant think of anything at least we can have fun bashing our heads against the wall.

Your grandsons are abslutely adorable :)Ben too of course!!

Valems said...

Hi Kath! I also need to make more Christmas cards, but I'm new to cardmaking and I'm so slow. Thanks for a chance to win, I have no Sugar Nellie stamps. The images are so adorable. I promise to give a good home to a stamp.

Hugs Vanja said...

Hi kath!You have my total sympathy i too was suffering from this terrible mental block.My cure for this is a good old crafty sesh with my fellow best bud and crafter.You know the saying two heads are better than one...well it certainly works for me i always come away from a sesh with my mate with a head full of ideas!!happy crafting amanda x

Karen said...

Hiya Mrs

They are adorable, and would I ever like to win one YES PLEASE!!! or even some images would be cool.

My 4 easy steps to refresh the mojo:

Step 1 - Sit in your nice cosy, warm craft room all alone.

Step 2 - Open a nice chilled bottle of wine (in my case its something a wee bit stronger :-)

Step 3 - Pour oneself a large glass and sip gently.

Step 4 - Play some mojo music eg Abba, Queen, Country what ever tickles your fancy really.

These 4 steps always work for me and as soon as the liquid is in and the music is going there can be no stopping you.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Love always, Karen

Emma said...

Kath I don't think you realise that you are a constant source of inspiration for so many of us out here in blogland.
I think sometimes theres just to much pressure to produce creations that other people will like. I've started making things that I actually enjoy making...and getting messy with!
Sending you lots of love Em.x

Donna said...

Kath so sorry to hear you have lost your creativeness, I would never have guessed looking at the wonderful cards on your blog recently. It will be back with you in no time at all and you will wonder what all the worry was about lol! Sending you some (((((HUGS))))) and I would love to give one of your cute stamps a new home :) Donna x

Just call me G said...

Ahhhhh thats the answer, be like me and not have any to lose!

If you look back over your last few posts about the exhibition and the amount of craft items you bought.. its easy to see why you aren't feeling like using any craft stuff... its a bit like Christmas when you are little, all those presents but you can't seem to find anything you want to play with... the feeling passes. Overwhelmed still happens to big girls too.. ;-)

Gina xx

stephanie said...

Me and my cat Harry would love one of those stamps. We could certainly give it lots of love.
I'm sure your inspiration will return soon. Sometimes its good to forget about Christmas and make a card for some other occasion.

annie2006 said...

hi Kath,
I think the best way to get your mojo back is to turn the computer OFF for one whole evening! the amount of stuff u will create without the computer 'calling' to you will be immense!

Tracey said...

Hi Kath, here I am blogging becuase I too am suffering from the terrible 'crafters block'. I have a dilema to make eight cards all to go to the same lady, some 'leaving' some 'birthday' - so I'm hopping around my favourite blogs for ideas, these stamps are adorable and I cannot understand how you could part with them, but on the other hand I would be well chuffed, as I'm sure would everyone else, to see one come through my letterbox. Hope you get your mojo back soon as you are a great inspiration to us all.... not creeping honestly....he he Tracey x

Katherine said...

I love the boost in creativity I get from watching my kids play with art stuff! Weird, I know but just give my twins some art supplies and the mojo just flows! LOL! Too bad they aren't home all day long to help with that, eh? LOL! Somehow I think the over saturation of help during the week would do the opposite. LOL!

The other thing I do is blog hop. I love your cards and always jot down an idea or two gleaned from your work!

scotspanda said...

hiya Kath, sorry to hear you are mojoless at the moment, it is probably the fact you HAVE to do the Xmas cards that is blocking you! I find if I am having difficulty with something I try a new technique or style.

Either that or you should just have a day off from orders and have fun in your craft room :)

Hope the mojo returns asap.

Glad Brodie's birthday party went well, can't wait to see the pictures :)


Amanda xxx

bubblegum said...

Hi Kath - oooh scrummy stamps. :) :)

We all loose our mojo - but for you, you can't loose it too long - I need to see your creavitiy. :)

Perhaps you have been working way too hard - I prescribe for you....
lots of fun, at least once a day...
laughter, as often as you can..
play, at least 3 times daily. Must be enoyed and spent with Ben, Brodie and Oliver. :) :)
A few hours spent with those little ones will definitely bring your mojo back and you will be filled with inspiration once again. ;) :)

Take care


Laurel said...

I hate when I lose my mojo! Sometimes I just go in and play and something magical happens and I become creative again, but sometimes I just need to walk away and try again another day!

Margie said...

Oh what cute lil' stamps!
I've just recently lost my mojo too - with everyone being sick it's hard to have fun :(
What I love to do is treat myself to something new to mess around with, browse blogs for inspiration and maybe try a challenge too - that usually gets things rolling for me again :)
Good luck with those Christmas cards - I haven't even thought of starting those!
xoxo, margie

MeandLilG said...

See, that's just so sad, isn't it? You can't have those poor little critters just sitting there alone.... bless. I would be more than happy to give them all the love and attention they need!! xxx

Sue said...

It will come back to you in the middle of the out.
Can't wait to see what you create with your BIAll!

Anice said...

Kath, you have too much pressure on you to get those Xmas card orders done. I am sure as soon as they are finished the fog will lift and you will be back to your crafty self. That's what I keep telling myself as I look at the outstanding demos I have to make, with no ideas at all! Sending you lots of hugs.
Anice xx

Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

WOW! They are soooo awesome!

When I get Mojolessness... I just take caffeine, and eat a bunch of sweets right before bed... wait for the sugar and wakefullness to kick in, and then sit in my office... Generally something gets accomplished. Sometimes I find an old sketch to copy, but usually I have to do something I haven't done in awhile, like a layout, or alter an item, but it usually snowballs from there!

Thanks for this opportunity! I can't wait to see what you create when it kicks back in!

Dawn said...

See I told you I am holding the mojo to ransom - expect a ransom note soon!! LOL
Seriously though - maybe you have a case of too much crafting these last few days and the pressure to keep on creating Xmas cards one after the other does sometimes wear you down. I usually switch off my laptop, make a cup of tea, get my shortbread fingers out ready for dunking!! LOL, then flick through my craft mags - oohing and aahing at all the new stash out there, phone my pal then the conversation usually gets round to crafting - then I feel like getting going again but don't put my laptop on again for a few hours and create something I haven't done for ages. Et Voila - mojo begins to return slowly as I get excited about the totally different project !!
If all else fails take the Budster for a long walk (again)!!
P.s. Peaches loves the furry putty tat stamp - she would give it a good furry home!!!ROFL

Tanfastic said...

Hey Kath, you cannot loose your mojo, we're all relying on you for inspiration - no pressure then! I suffer from a lack of inspiration all the time as I'm new to crafting and lack confidence, but I went to a crop on Saturday and that got my creative juices going, and I picked up some lovely (free) papers for making male cards (the hardest for me!) as none of the ladies make cards anymore - their loss is my gain!

Anyhoo, your stamps are beautiful - the kitty cat is gorgeous! I'd love to start using stamps like this that need colouring - I've mostly been using motifs and background stamps but I love colouring so I'm going to have a go - you never know I might get lucky and win one of yours to get me started, though I don't know how you can bear to part with stash you've never even used!

Good luck and hope your mojo returns soon!

Tan xxx

mudmaven said...

Top o' the mornin to ya Kath! Don't believe your mojo could possibly be gonzo - just havin a wee bit o' rest from all the work you've been making it do! You've been a creative powerhouse recently - kick back, relax and let it all come back to you! ~chris

Jenni Hamilton said...

I think you need to take a day off from christmas and play with the new stamps (which are gorgeous by the way) and get back to the Christmas cards with renewed vigour. Hppy crafting.
Hugs Jenni x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Told you that I'd be back later ..... I have a little something for you on my blog. I know that you'll have had this lots and lots but hope that you don't mind! Lainy x

Desire Fourie said...

A good blogging friend of mine has been under the impression that her MOJO is drinking MOJITOS somewhere on an ISLAND. So there's perhaps a chance that your MOJO has joined his/her fellow MOJO's on this island for some MOJITOS in celebration of their freedom. So I gather, that if we can employ a Private Eye to do a bit of investigation for us MOJO-less souls, his investigations just might lead him to this MOJO island celebration. Once we have pin pointed the island we can all pack our MOJO tools and join our MOJO's on the island and reunite in harmony.

Hope this will help. Warm regards from sunny South Africa ... just of the coast from MOJO Island.

Cass said...

Kath it's just all those Christmas cards you've got to make that's swamping you.You certainly haven't lost your mojo.I've cut way back on doing orders now as I was feeling much the same.I still do a few but not so much.
Once the Christmas cards are done you'll get back to normal.Making loads of the same card just wears you down.
Cass xxx

Carol said...

Good heavens all those suggestions.... I think you should just take it easy for a day, chill and play and do what YOU want to do - then you'll find it easier to going back to what you've GOT to do....take it easy girlie, big hugz

Need More Time to Craft said...

Ohh Kath, so sorry your Mojo has up and left. Why does it always decide to go at most inconvienient times? I think you are just burnt out with Xmas stuff. When my Mojo ups and leaves I go back over my creations and find one that I really enjoyed doing and case it. I find this often helps.
Hope yours returns soon
Carole x

joey said...

Hi Kath, I believe its something like 56 days left until christmas, and 56 days more of drowning in christmas card orders there is no wonder your mojo has gone on a little strike,give yourself a whole day or two making no christmassy cards at all, and nothing else in relation to it. my mojo went for such a long time that now i rely alot on challenges to get me through! and a little blog hop to some of the most inspirational blogs, yours is one of which your work always inspires me! I hope it bounces back very soon! I like the wine suggestion one of the other ladies suggested! i'm sure after a few glasses of that your cards will truly be more unique than usual lol. lots of bloggy hugs.

maiahs_momma said...

For me I would have to say to get your mojoness back, to do some of the following things:

~take some time to have some serious "YOU" time
~to spend some time out in the great outdoors, I just mean a walk along a well known trail...enjoy all the fall colors

~Go online to some blogs or sites that you haven't visited before, you never know when your mojo will come back.

~Check out some other crafty things, like altering tins or baking

~Or just take some time to reflect on your past craftiness and where you would like your present/future craftiness to go.

There is what I do for my mojolessness whenever I have it...or sometimes people just need a small break from it all together. Hope yours comes back soon, and I have got to say that I LOVE those stamps...they are adorable :)!


Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Oh my goodness, what to say ! You have filled me with so much inspiration these past few weeks perhaps you've passed too much on !!! Trouble is, I think we are all deep in Christmas at the moment, starts off exciting but after the 15th card or so, the mojo starts to go and because its the same theme, we all seem to do the same sort of thing. Relax my lovely - it will all come flooding back. I bet you are looking forward to your "me time" - there will be no stopping you then.

Take care and thanks,

Jo x

Allison said...

seding you wishes that your mojo returns soon- although going by your creations it hasn't actually went anywhere at all- unlike mine at the moment which has taken an early Christmas holiday
Hope you get through your orders- probably you are putting too much pressure on yourself

Jozza said...

I know what you mean about the old mojo going on hol. It happens to me on a regular basis. However, by reading this post I have found a way of getting mine back.......Cosmo Cricket TSV!!!! Yes! I haven't touched mine except to unpack and hide from hubby! Sooooo I'm going to get mine out now and I'm sure my mojo will return :o)

Cathy said...

I know what you mean about mojo - I reckon mine is hibernating for the winter!!! I think its to do with the need to make Christmas cards and they are all the same colours, not a lot of variety.
I am trying to cure my mojolessness by going through my stamps and getting re-acquainted with some that I haven't stamped up for ages. Then spoiling them with gorgeous papers and ribbons. Oh and just loving playing for the sake of playing!
Those poor Soft Centres, they need to be inked and loved, and my Arthur needs a friend LOL!!
Hope you find your mojo soon - perhaps one of Soft Centres is holding on to it for you!
Cathy xx

bex said...

I was out of Mojo until I saw all the lovely sketches @ Poetic Artistry I've already completed 2 sketches and my mind is full of ideas for a 3rd !! You can see them on my blog - Handmade by Rebecca
x x

sue said...

Hi Kath sorry your mojo's took a holiday. When mine takes a break I do a couple of things.
I don't even try to make any cards for a while, but I have a go at something completely different, like altering something or trying a new technique.
Sometimes I just stamp out loads of my favourite images and spend an evening colouring or painting them, with no cards in mind.
Then I spend time looking online for ideas or inspiration and try and tempt my mojo back by doing a couple of sketch challenges.
The main thing is to relax, I'm sure once your mojo has had a break, it will return with a vengeance and you will be back to your wonderfully creative and inspirational self.
Big Hugs Sue x

Deloris said...

When my mojo leaves, I find it's helpful to take a break for a week or two. Then when I go back and look at things with a fresh perspective, my mojo seems to get going again. I think when I try to force something to happen with creating, I'm rarely happy with the results. It's better when I just play and let it happen.

Thanks for the chance to win such cute stamps!

Deloris T.

Christa said...

Hi Kath
I don't think you need to worry about mojoless days, your designs are always fantastic. I read your blog every day and have noticed this type of day has occurred before and like magic the mojo always returns with a vengeance. I think it's just Mo's way of recharging!!!
Lots and lots of bloggy love. xxx

Amy said...

Ah, what cuties those stamps are... I agree with the other posters who have said you should treat yourself to a little quality time with them before you tuck them away. Add some good tunes and some chocolate and see what happens! Good luck!

Andrea, said...

Sorry to hear your mojo is having a holiday! What I do is forget about about crafting and watch a rerun of old TV programmes on one of the digital channels, I find after an hour or so I can normally get back to crafting

Becky said...

Aww, poor Kath, although I doubt you could ever lose your mojo my advice would be to look for inspiration on your favourite blog and make a card with your yummiest stash! I often lose my mojo when I'm trying to use up scraps or repeating the same design (like your Christmas cards!)
Big hugs
Becky xx

Helen said...

Hi Kath,
When my mojo deserts me, I spend a little time looking at my favourite blogs (your included) for some inspiration...I also love the sketch challenges when I'm out of ideas...they really help me get going again!
Helen x

Annelies said...

I hope your mojo returns quickly. For me, looking at other people's work helps (sometimes). Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Anonymous said...

Your Ghosties and Ghoulies tag is really cute. Sorry about your lost mojo... hope you find it again soon. That cow stamp is just so darn cute!!


Jane said...

Hello from a Scot Down Under!!, I love to look at all the lovely card blogs on here to give me some inspiration when I'm stuck.
I hope your crafters block goes soon and you can get cracking on with your beautiful cards.
Jane x

kim-paperbabe said...

Hi Kath,
I recon that we could all do with a break and this time of year is often needed for the neccessities.
I would love to win won of your gorgeous stamps and you won't need to mount it for me, so less postage and everything (Tee Hee!)
I'm sure you will WOW us when the Christmas rush is over!

Stampin Cats said...

Now that the outside work is done for the year, It will be a lot easier to sit inside and create. I also pick a card or project and challenge myself to case it with a different stamp set or image.

I would be happy to anyione of those nellie's a good home. I really like the cat.

Clare said...

I know what you mean about crafters block. I am suffering too at the moment. Blogger seems ok just my computer's a bit slow whatever I'm doing. The stamps look fab. Shame you don't feel inspired to use them. I understand about having so much to do for Christmas. I'm doing a stall at a local church fair at the end of the month and still have loads of cards and soaps to make/wrap. I will post on my blog about your stamps. Good luck with the lack of mojo!! Hugs Clare x

Lana said...

I am sending you a big crafty hug!!!
I always spend so much time blog hopping that I challenged myself to create and upload something everyday (we will see how it goes)lol
Lana x
Gorgeous stamps!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog your cards are an inspiration. these animals are too cute to giveaway! please enter me into the draw to win these gorgeous stamps. if i win i will provide a loving home. hope your inspiration soon recovers. bev x

Yvonne said...

Sending you a big hug and hoping you find your mojo soon. I always take a peek at your blog when I have a mental block (which, sadly,is quite often - the mental bit anyway!!), it's so inspirational, it helps me to find my mojo :-) xxxx

Chris said...

Hi Kath
I just love all of these characters and would happily give any one a good home.
With regard to your mojo, I would guess that you are working too hard with things you HAVE to complete. When you can return to choosing what to do I'm sure your mojo will return. You are looked on for inspiration by a lot of people - what a clever lady!
Much admiration,
Chris xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

I think one of the problems these days is there is far too much lovely spins my head when i see new product after new product and new technique after new technique, it quite scares the pants off me. I see a few of the previous commenters have said about clearing clutter and I think that is a great idea. I am pretty sure your mojo is just dozing a while after all the work you have been doing and will wake up with a vengeance and that in tunr will give the rest of our mojos a poke!

ribenaruby said...

Hi there, Mojo's come and go, all you need is a day out somewhere where you're not surrounded by crafting things and chill. Just that difference will be like a breathe of fresh air and you'll be striving to go! Lovely candy by the way. I'll put link and post on my blog.

Kathy said...

You didn't lose it, it is just thinking!! Usually it comes back better than ever!! To get mine going I usually look at challenge blogs or go buy new stuff!! (LOL) Thanks so much for a chance at one of these cuties!! See I am already thinking what I could make with them!! (LOL) Have a great day and thanks again!! :)Kathy

Rosette said...

Oh do these love to travel over seas and oceans?? If yes you can send them to me :) I will finda lot of space for them!! lol
I'm sure your mojo will be back, and will be better than ever!!
Thanks for the chance !

Andrea said...

Hi Kath, these stamps are soooooo cute. Great candy, thanks for the chance to win. I post your candy on my blog.
Hugs, Andrea

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Kath, ooooh the stamps are so cute. I don't know how you can part with them (but I'll gladly take them off your hands haha). Lots of love, Denise x

Heike said...

Wow, Kath what wonderful and cute Stamps. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I link you on my Blog.......


Ursula said...

Hi Kath, thanks for the chance to win such cute stamps. Hope you will soon get back to creating new things. Ursula

Jackie said...

I reckon.... listen to your own advice LOL... have a bottle of wine and chill.... (I liked that one)... then take a look at some of the cards you made earlier.... dig out some stamps or embellies you havent used in a while... think we all get in a rut from time to time.... and forget all the ólder'stash we have.. works for me. chin chin.... and cheers xx

cassie said...

Ugh! Finding that crafting mojo! I try to convince myself that looking at lovelies on the internet, is my way of searching for inspiration. And man do I get inspired, then I look some more, and more...! I love the little cow!

Cheri Howard said...

Well, sometimes too much of a good thing can ruin my mojo. If I find I've hit a block I just walk away for a day or two, go get some inspiration from the real world, and then try again.

Good luck!


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