Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oops Nearly Forgot

Oops I nearly's Sneaky Peek Thursday....a quick little peep of my tag for tomorrow

Hope to see you all joining in tomorrow at Tag You're It.
And some more news......I have just noticed that this is my 402nd post....can't quite believe since the end of February I have bored you all to tears with my wittering on and a smidgen of pics thrown in for good measure and you keep coming back for more and....hey another milestone looms.....just a kick in the teeth away from 50,000 hits...well really you all need to get out more....seriously I have loved every minute of it and still can't believe that any of you are interested enough to tune in to my daily ramblings....joyful or otherwise...but I am so pleased that you do otherwise the old girl would be talking to herself and that's quite serious at my age.   My thoughts are to have a big Blog Candy Blow Out......but I need some time to think over what I am going to do...has to be something extra special and with a little what I'm thinking is.......
I'm off to London next weekend for a late birthday treat with my little Sis and my niece and then the following week...... MORE CELEBRATIONS AT CHEZ if you can be patient and bear with me...all will be revealed......and we will have the Blog Candy Blowout of all time.
Well off to get these commission cards finished and then hopefully from here on's PLAYTIME.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


joey said...

Morning Kath, oooh you'll be in my neck of the woods, enjoy your visit to london. Hope the cards go ok today. I keep coming back as its the way you write your posts they are always so full of wit and do make me giggle in a good way lol. have a good day.x

Eveline said...

I hope you will continue boring us to tears with your wittering for a long, long time to come.
Have a good time in London.

Dawn said...

Well I have an award that suits you sir!! well madam on my blog - I think you should pick it up and spread it all around too!!!
Och wish I was going to London - Have you warned the citizens you are coming!!! LOL
Batten down the craft stores!!!
Hope you have a great time and spend, spend,spend!!!



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