Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sneeky Peeks

Morning everyone....another dark and dreich day....I am fed up of this weather...can't get decent pics at all and as for Mr Blogger.....he is driving me it just me he is picking on or is he being awkward with wouldn't believe how long it took me to upload these little tiny pics...and why doesn't your post appear on your it appears on preview......can't fathom that one out...well not to worry they're here now.
The production line is running bang on schedule and I managed to get my DT stuff done yesterday afternoon...and my 2Sketches here are a couple of sneeky peeks.....

Penny Black Saturday
Tag You're It
The new girls on the Penny Black Saturday Design Team have made some fabulous cards for next week's challenge so tune in on Saturday for loads of inspiration.....well can't sit here all day and chatter need to get back to the production line ....this is beginning to sound like a long playing record.... need to get loads done today because tomorrow I am having the day's a rather special day........just in case you don't know........Catch up with you all later.......Love Kath xxxxxx


Anice said...

I'm glad to hear tomorrow is a day of are working far too hard. Looking forward to seeing the whole cards after seeing your sneaky peeks.
Anice xx

Unfading Spring said...

am I right in thinking it might be your Birthday tomorrow, if so have a lovely day(have a lovely day anyway), you deserve it.

By the way it is my Birthday on Saturday.

Love and Hugs

Carol xx

Eve said...

Hi Kath-
I have been having trouble with my blogger too. As of the last week & a half. All the pictures that I used to upload (in order- mind you) now just get thrown up in random order? Then I have to take more time to re-org. them. Not sure why this changed- but it is driving me CRAZY!!!!
Hopefully all will go back to normal.

Terrie B x said...

I`v been off the blogging just of late Kath...Trin tp catch up a ittle!!!Wow you got some cards to go ....
Your creations are fabulous!!!like the look of the sneek peeks...Have fun with your card making chick:)~X~

Chriss Rollins said...

Kath you have been 1 very busy bee.
some yummy gorgeous eye candy.
thanks for sharing.
chriss x

metalicbutterfly said...

cant wait for TYI challenge this week,

but...nope still havn't a clue what it will be will have to wait till tommorow!!

Emma xxx

Dawn said...

He He the weather is making us all mad and I know what you mean about the photos - I have been all over the bloomin' house trying to get one decent photo and I had to put my lights on today at 2.30pm - It's MAD!!

Well it's almost the witching hour and almost time to WISH YOU THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! AND PUT THAT FACE CREAM AWAY!!! lol
Have a great day and hope it's full of joy and surprises!!!


Mr Postie is gonna be a busy guy tomorrow!!!
Love to the furry Budster!!

carol said...

These look yummy Kath, can't wait to see the reveal! Love your 2s4y card and how you flipped it!

Carol x

Christine (Craftling) said...


Have a lovely day, Kath. Hope you will take a breather and spoil yourself!

Chris xx


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