Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr Blogger Behaves

Thanks to all you fellow "WV" sufferers who kindly left a comment and made this old girl very happy - me thinks me's not losing the plot after all. Don't you think that Mr Blogger has been behaving over the last week - maybe he's been reading our blogs. I enabled comment moderation instead and then Mr Nasty... sicko nerd.. tried to leave a comment containing a Trojan Worm Virus - luckily my trusty Antivirus picked it up and booted his **** into cyberspace.
Stop waffling on woman I hear you say, you promised us a little surprise, well here it is....

and the Winner chosen at random by my hubby is.............

E-mail me your address which you will find on my profile and I will get it off to you in the post.

1 comment:

Sam Morris said...

Hi Kath, I've had the same problem with spammers so have also had to enable comment moderation ... some people have far too much time on their hands!

I've put a little bit of info on Tag You're It about what a moo is, hope it helps :)

And what a lovely set you're giving away, such beautiful colours, lucky Michelle!


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