Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'M OK....I think.....

Just to let you know I am OK...I won't be posting anything today and I know there are a small group who pay me a visit in the morning.....don't want anybody getting the wrong idea....and rumours circulating in bloggyland......No....I haven't run off to craft with TH....No I haven't been abducted by aliens....I've got a stinker of a chest cold.
Woke up yesterday morning with a throat like a badger's backside and a hacking cough which seems to come from my feet up and is very painful...needless to say the card production line has virtually come to a standstill and I spent the day dosing myself up with blackcurrant drinks and Benolyn...don't really feel any better but don't feel any worse....and survived the night.....that's a off to have a nice hot steamy bath and snuggle back into bed with my hot water bottle....a good book and my favourite bedtime companion....the Budster......poor Buddy has been sadly neglected on the walkies front....but he seems to realise I am not well and is quite happy sleeping at my feet.
Got to get myself well before Friday when Brodie and Oliver are coming to stay over for three nights....Grandma will need all the energy she can muster for these live if you have any tips on how to get me well before Friday......I will be your bloggy friend forever.
Will catch up with you all later and if I find a miracle cure....will be back Thursday. Love Kath xxxxx


NGCARDS said...

Awww sorry to hear this hun, Hope you get better soon! xxx

Jane said...

Hi Kath, i hope you feel better soon, my dad always tells me to get some Lambs Navy Rum into me when I have a cold! I have never tried it yet, but you could be the guinea pig!
Take care
Jane x

Kim Piggott said...

How horrible! Get better soon.
kim x

Gayle said...

I'm one fo the merry band who visit at this time in the morning Kath!!! I'm so sorry to hear that you're ill...probably the same thing I had last week!!! Been at the Dr this morning and I now have tonsilitis (my husband is sooo happy, no nagging)
I find that Glayva heated, ever so slightly, in the microwave does the trick, or at least you feel a hell of a lot better (maybe that's just the alcohol numbing the pain)
Hope you get well soon...

Beth said...

Oh dear, you poor thing! I don't know if it's a tip or anything but I just find sleeping a lot helps me! xx

Zoe said...

Hope you are feeling better soon xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

Snuggling up in bed with Budster and a good book sounds like a plan, plus a hot toddy for good measure. take care lady and be better soon X

scotspanda said...

aww big hugs hun, hope you are feeling better soon :) A couple of hot toddies are sure to help your cold and if not they'll make you sleep at least lol

take care


Amanda xxx

Macpurp said...

oh no poor you xx
nothing worse than having throat like a badger's backside!

plenty warm fluids. Paracetamol and a dot of lavender on your pillow, sleep it off.
and Buddy snuggled in to keep you cosy!

hugs . Get well soon xxx

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Kath. Really hope that you will feel yourself again, very soon. Nothing as bad as a head cold, by the sound of it. You've probably been too busy with all your orders and its your body telling you to slow down a bit. Hope you much better when the live wires arrives. Hugs from South Africa. Desire

Eveline said...

Oh Kath, you poor thing. A sore throat and a cough! Try a rum toddy. Hot water with lemon and rum. Drink it before you go to bed. Makes you sleep like a baby and wake up a little better. I don't drink alcohol but this is the exception.
Get well soon.

stampingheaven said...

Sending you get well wishes Kath, take care of you. Mes thinks you need a very LARGE toddy with your feet up having a duvet day and Buddy for company. Alison x

joey said...

awww Kath, wishing you well real soon.hope the rest and meds kick in to make you feel better

Christine (Craftling) said...

Not tried it (yet), but I hear echinacea is brilliant for colds and 'flu, lots of fluids, paracetamol, honey & lemon (or whisky!) and lots of vitamin C to boost your immune system.

I'm getting a stock in, because I've caught it, too! :o(

Take care. (sniff) Enjoy the (cough) book. (sneeze)

Chris xx

Cass said...

Awwww...sorry to hear you're feeling unwell Kath.Just have a good snuggle under the duvet with your bestest Buddy keeping you company.A few hot toddies wouldn't go amiss along with some paracetamol (and brufen if you can take it).They both work wonderful together and are regularly given together to kids when unwell too.(The brufen and paracetamol that is....not the toddies!!
(Ex Nurse)Cass xxx

Jackie said...

ahhh Kath, I know exactly how you feel and you have my every sympathy. I am just recovering (well feel slightly more human today).. from it too, was laid up for 3 days.. feeling sorry for self on sofa, with my two dogs and a duvet. The only thing I take is plenty of fluids, and paracetamol or sinutab... although heard that a good hot toddy works a treat. HOpe you recover enough by Friday when the two little 'angels' arrive. hugs J xx

Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

Ok...s o I took my DD Rheanna to the doc today for a nasty cold and I asked him about the vicks vapor rub remedy and he said it works.... soooooo...

Rub vicks vapor rub on your feet before bed, put on socks, and go to sleep. Should help!! ;) We are doing it tonight for Rheanna so hopefully it helps her too!

Dawn said...

Aww Kath
The dreaded "lurgy" is starting early this year I fear - I usually take Ibuprofen and up my vitamin C intake to 1000mg!!! EEEk I'm sounding like a doctor!!!
Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow.


Sammi said...

Oh dear! you poor lady! Hoping you feel better SOON and get lots of energy for your young visitors!!

metalicbutterfly said...

Hi Kath,
sorry to hear your not well,
plenty of bed rest for you lady!!

sending hugs

Emma xxx

Terrie B x said...

Sending big (((hugs)))) Hop eyour feeling better soon Kath:)~X~

Unfading Spring said...

So sorry to hear your're not frrling too good, must be all that walking the dog in the rain,
this is what I do when I have a cold or sore thoat, 2 soluble asprin, honey, lemon and hot water. works a treat for me.

sorry I missed you this morning computer connection playing up

love and hugs Carol

Tanfastic said...

Hi Kath, sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly - it sucks! Echinacea defo works for me, plus lots of steaming chicken soup, bed rest and a steam facial if I'm clogged up (bowl of hot water & towel over head - add vicks or eucalyptus oil to water for a boost - I also add the eucalyptus to my baths to help unblock me). Also a hot curry or Thai (it's the chilli) really helps clear sinuses.

The BEST thing for a sore throat is Difflam spray - ask pharmacist for it. Other than that it's the lemsip or paracetamol (never both) plus ibuprofen if you can tolerate it.

I used to medicate with a hot toddy but heard that alcohol lowers your immune system so you could actually stay poorly for longer - but perhaps that's only if you drink more than the odd glass for medicinal purposes - it certainly makes you feel better at the time!!!

As for the Budster - I think animals can sense when their owners are poorly - especially dogs. My cat Guiness knows when I'm ill and stays on the bed with me keeping my feet warm (or maybe it's just coz he's lazy!!) (o:

Get well soon!
Tan xxx


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