Friday, November 28, 2008

Stinky Cold Update

I am apologising in advance....I know I have been a bad blogger this week but this stinky cold has really got me down....after a week of dosing myself up on Neurofen and steamy inhalations every couple of hours....there was no sign of it leaving the premises....I suspected that my sinuses were infected....the green gunge from my nose and the pain in my gods even my teeth were sore....confirmed that....but last night was the last straw....I woke at 3.00am and never slept again......the pain was unbearable.....up several times during the night having yet another inhalation....I must have the cleanest face on the planet.....but only getting relief for a short this morning drastic action was called for......called the doctor's surgery.
Now don't know about you...but I was thinking next appointment available.....Thursday next week and that is me all ready to do battle ...but no.....they have a cancellation at 9.30am....boy I haven't moved so quickly for years.....had to have a shower, wash my hair which had taken on the look of Marie Antoinette without the ringlets and just made it by the skin of my teeth.
Not my usual doc but I am so desperate I ain't caring.....lovely Irish lady and right away she said the magic words......"You have an infection in your sinuses and definitely need ANTIBIOTICS to clear that up"... So I am home.....have taken the magic pills and hopefully can now get my life back to some sort of normality after 4 weeks of misery. I so hate being ill and detest myself for being such a ratty old bag. It may take a few days for your happy nutty bloggy buddy to get back up to speed and then look out......challenges here I come. Catch up with you all later.......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


Rach said...

awww kath, take care sweetie and get better soon. warm huggles Rachxx

Dawn said...

Awww Kath just think if only you'd gone sooner to the Doctor!!! LOL Bet you've heard that one a lot !!!
but hey - you've got the magic pills and soon you will be shouting "Anyone for TUNES"!!! at the top of your voice!!
Sinuses are a bloomin' nightmare when they flare up!
Youl'll notice a big difference very quickly!

Hugs and furry ones to the Budster


Dawny P said...

Oh how horrible, you poor thing. I feel sorry for you cos I had sinusitus once and I never want it again. It's truly awful. When you are feeling up to it, there is a little something NICE on my blog for you which I hope will cheer you up. Huggiest of get well hugs my friend xxxxxx

Tip Top said...

Glad you are getting better!

Suzanne said...

Hope you will soon be feeling better now you've seen the Doc!

I feel for you as I have the same problem............I try to take 1st Defense from Vicks as soon as I get a sniffle and it seemed to work last time, as my sinus's didn't get a chance to block!

Take care and hope you'll soon be feeling on Top Form!

Hugs Suze x

Kim Piggott said...

Thank goodness you have some help now. Hope it clears up soon!
kim x

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh honey so glad you've now got some anti biotics to help clear that infection up... like everyone else I'm looking forward to having you back full steam ahead....

Big hugs & stay warm
Lorraine xxx


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